Computer Monitor Calibration Pictures, Charts and Instructions

Koz's Calibration Corner

This is a discussion of video and computer graphic test patterns with illustrations and working examples. It was written on 2/15/97, and revised many times since. It is boring as dirt. No, more boring. If you're not asleep in fifteen minutes I'll be really surprised.......OK, twenty minutes.


Computer monitors can have a lot of things wrong with them and still seem to work O.K. That's usually not good enough for me, and shouldn't be good enough for you, either, so I have adapted some of the standard video test patterns for use in wonderful world of computers.

Here's the bad news. These patterns are very color dependent. If your computer has 16 or 256 colors, only the registration and purity patterns will do their job and it will not be pretty. You need lots of colors. 32 thousand colors is good, 64 thousand colors is very good, and 17 million colors is excellent. That's "thousands" and "millions" in Mac land.

I produced some patterns in both 640/480 and 600/800 versions to fit your screen. Each pattern introduction includes instructions for use. To keep distortions to a minimum, some of these pictures are only modestly compressed JPEG files and can take a while to download. The file size is included with each image.

None of these patterns is CCIR-601/SMPTE-RP125M or home style DV compliant. If you have a up-to-date Digital Video system, these patterns will not fill the video frame properly and the video brightness levels may be wrong. I am preparing 601 and DV versions of each pattern as I get time.

For best advantage, some means must be found to display the Registration and Purity patterns full screen. You can capture these patterns and display them with Photoshop, or you can capture and "import" them to Corel--all but version 3.0. In Corel, magnify them exactly at the pattern edges and then F9.

Colorbars Registration Gray Chip Purity Smooth Gray Rainbow Pictures