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Pretty Pictures

478/285 (51.6K Picture)
Venice, California

This is a PhotoCD picture from well exposed negative film. The highlights are just touching 255 r/g/b and the deepest shadows just kiss 0 r/g/b. It is about 2 P.M. under the Warm California Sun at Venice. It's an odd size (478/285) to keep the file size small. It's in 17 million colors and just slightly compressed JPEG. It should look perfectly balanced.

640/427(126.4K Picture)
Marina del Rey, California

This is a PhotoCD picture from fine-grain negative film. The range is complete from highlights at 255 r/g/b to one or two black shadows at 0 r/g/b. This is the view from a parking structure looking toward "C" basin in Marina del Rey. It features the usual balmy breezes and late afternoon Warm California Sun. This one is 640/427 with 17M colors and even at "High" quality JPEG compression (down from "Excellent") the file size is still pretty stiff.

Ther are almost no neutrals in this picture. Everything is either blue from the eastern sky, or golden from the late afternoon sun.