PVC Microphone Shock Mount


Small Picture

I needed a shock mount for a microphone in a hurry and there wasn't time
to buy one. So I made one out of 1/2" PVC pipe, US Postal Service
rubber bands and a left over 3/4" microphone clip from an
Electro-Voice 635A.

Parts List:


All plastic parts from 1/2" PVC pipe. No glue.

Rubber Bands, 3/16" x 7.5" (relaxed circumference) (12 pieces, minimum)
Microphone Clip, 3/4" Typical EV 311 (One Piece)
Cross Piece Pipe, 5" (One Piece).

Stanchion (Make Two)

-- Base Leg Pipe, 1.5" (Two Pieces)
-- Riser Pipe, 4" (Two Pieces)
-- End Caps, Screw-On (Four Pieces)
-- Elbow, One Opening Threaded (Two Pieces)
-- T (One Piece)
-- Elbow, Three-Way, One Opening Threaded (Two Pieces)

It fits partially knocked down in a travel case. It comes completely apart into a small bag
of parts at any time because it's not glued together. The tension of the rubber bands holds the
stanchions together and there isn't any stress on the cross pieces in
normal use. So I never bothered with permanent adhesive.


Push it together, use it, and pull it apart.

You can mount it upright on a mic stand, but it's much more stable hanging from a boom.

Note that you can reverse the direction of the front stanchion and have them
both facing the same way. This will put the head of the microphone
out past the pipe if you're worried about proximity effects. You can also build the
cross-piece pipe shorter as needed -- or bring two different ones.

You can reverse both stanchions so they're both facing outward for really long microphones.

The paint is Rust-Oleum Specialty High Heat Bar-B-Q Black 7778.
It's a much more robust flat black than any of the regular paints.