Round Circles from Video Still Exports Getting Round Circles from Video Still Exports

When you grab video stills--especially from D1 or MiniDV or MPEG2, you will probably get stills whose size is 720 wide by 480 or 486 tall. If you display these stills on Photoshop or anything other than a live video system, circles in the scene will not be round.

This is the video non-square pixel thing.

You can convert these images to look normal by executing a size change within Photoshop.

Somehow, you have to end up with 4:3.

You can blow up 720:480 to 720:540, or you can reduce the 720:480 to 640:480. I favor going up.

Open up the image in Photoshop.
Do Not Constrain Proportions
Width 720 Pixels
Height 540 Pixels OK

Save the image.

If you have several hundred files to resize, you can use Photoshop's Batch tools to convert a whole bunch automatically.


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