Miller Checkboard Motion Test with Television Field Markers

Miller Checkerboard Motion Test with Television Field Markers

This is a Photo JPEG QuickTime Movie of a slowly rotating checkerboard video pattern.
It's a 720:480, non-square pixel, DV quality animation.
You have to download the file. It won't play as a streaming video. (24MB File Size)

It takes ten seconds to go 'round once and it will loop. If you put two
or more of these things back to back on an editor timeline, there will be
no breaks in the motion at the boundries.

The number in the upper right represents the interlaced field being displayed
at that instant. In a conventional NTSC interlaced television sytem, that panel will
vibrate between "1" and "2", "1" being the lower field.

The pattern was not taken from nature, but was created as a motion graphic on a television
field compliant SGI Inferno with full motion compensation and blur.

Tim Miller was the Inferno Artist.

In short, it looks perfect with no motion artifacts at all (except for the two vibrating numbers).
This pattern should rotate like honey on a warm day with no trace of grittiness or stuttering
in the progression.

Common Problems

A lot of video editors, DVD players, and other video machines drop one of the two
television fields occasionally for convenience. If you only see one of the two
numbers, you're really watching 240 line, low resolution video, not all 480 lines
in an NTSC picture.

The motion of the pattern will probably not be perfectly smooth if you're watching
on a computer. Some computers display really trashy motion. Avoid them.

If you think your system is dropping frames, make a timeline with about fourty or more
of these things one right after the other and play them. Dropped frames are immediately
apparent as a hitch in the motion.

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