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11/24/01 Update

Computer Networking

Fifth Segment. Remote Printing.

First segment: installing the network cards , firewall, and interconnecting cable.

Second Segment: Create Users and Passwords.

Third Segment: Create share folders on all the computers.

Fourth segment: Install NetBEUI and connect all the machines for data transfer.

If everything went well up until now, you have a simple network in your house and everybody on it has been able to shuttle pictures, spreadsheets, and documents back and forth all day long. Sooner or later, somebody is going to want to print to paper.

The big fancy color printer, the Ink Spritzer Mark IV, is on Laverne, Nate's computer. It was installed last week, it has the very latest driver software, prints in perfect color, and he ain't givin' it up.

Time to share.

Nate needs to make the Ink Spritzer available for everybody to use over the network.

Start => Settings => Printers => Right-Click Ink Spritzer => Sharing

The Ink Spritzer Properties panel arrives.

Sharing => Shared As => Share Name: Ink Spritzer, Comment: Nate's Good Printer, Password: [enter]

It may make you confirm the password. Do it. => OK the Ink Spritzer panel.

The Printers panel will be there and the Ink Spritzer will now have a hand underneath it "serving it" to the network very much like the way your share file works.

I would probably reboot Nate's machine just to be sure.

Well that's half the battle and that's where most of the networking books drop you like a hot rock. The other half, of course, is actually *using* the shared printer.

Walk over to Patty.

Start => Settings => Printers => Add Printer

This will open up the Add Printer Wizard.

Next => Network Printer => Next => Browse...(for the path) => Open Laverne => The Ink Spritzer icon should appear.

Click the Ink Spritzer icon => OK.

The Network Path or Queue Name window should now show something like:

\\ Laverne\Ink Spritzer

The double backslash indicates a network device. You are *not* typing on Laverne. You're typing on Patty, so Laverne must be on the network.

You very probably don't want to print with a DOS program. Even I don't have any of them any more.

Next => Replace Existing Driver => Next => Usually, the printer name in the window is acceptable.

Now there is a decision. If Patty has no printer at all, you may want to use Laverne's networked Ink Spritzer as the default printer. If Patty does have a little cheap Canon 6000 or something, leave that as the default printer and only use the Ink Spritzer when necessary. Keep in mind that if you use the Ink Spritzer as the default printer across the network, Laverne and the Ink Spritzer must *always be on and working* if anybody else might need to print.

Next => Yes, print a test page => Finish.

This should dump you back to the Printers panel => File => Close

Laverne should grumble for a second and then the Ink Spritzer should wake up and start printing the test page from Patty.

Now, any time that Patty's user needs to print something on the Ink Spritzer, she would File => Print as she always does, but this time, the Ink Spritzer will appear as one of the available printers.

Fair warning, this process only works for *one* of my computers. Rasputin absolutely refuses to share his printer. No idea why yet.

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