Maui no ka oi
Maui is the best

This is one of the beaches on the way to my favorite beach.

Flower Closeup
One of the "weeds" in the driveway to the bed and breakfast.

My favorite beach.  It's on the north shore, but the surf doesn't kill you because there is a tiny reef out there protecting you.  You can watch the wind surfers turning cartwheels on the next beach.

St Joseph's Church (1862) on the southeast shore.

Huialoha Church (1859)  My favorite church in the world.  It's very plain.  Just enough church to do the job and no more.  That's Haleakala in the background.

Building Interior
Inside the Huialoha Church.  Just to the left, at the rear, is the collection box and guest book.  If you read the book you will discover that people from opposite ends of the earth have been leaving each other messsages in that book for decades.

Gravestone Marker
This stone is behind the Huialoha Church.  I did this one big enough to read the inscription.  It's very plain and very powerful.

Huialoha Church comes complete with black sand beach.

Northeast shore.  This and the pounding surf is the reason most people vacation on the south shore.

Northwestern shore. 
The shoreline between Wailuku and Kapalua is steep, rugged and forbidding.  Mountain goats only, pease.

Looks like a standard issue Hawai'i beach, doesn't it?  It's not.  The wind is onshore at 45 knots. The tripod and I have all we can do to keep the camera upright.  The windsurfers to the left are flying...literally.  I'm standing in the NE departure for Kahalui Airport.