Streams of Conciousness, Flights of Fancy

Agatha Chrispies
The mystery breakfast cereal.

Tristan and Mulder
Isolde got her own spinoff show.

Gowned and Bagged
Haute couture dress shop name picked by the same ad agency
used by Hewlett-Packard.  HP has the worst ad agency in
the world, likely, it is said, to advertise sushi as "Cold
Dead Fish."

 Poncho Villas
Washington or Oregon State coastal resort.

 Martha Stewart 
Living To Die For.

 Weapons Grade Stupidity
Jargon Watch, Wired Magazine 4/01.

I can cure any pot luck luncheon with my Brussels Sprout and
Chicken Liver casserole.

Close but no points:
"The greener grass is"

"Let he who is without"

Mom always said:
"Never run around the pool with scissors in your mouth."

Avian-Swine Flu
When pigs fly.

Will not show up on a Spell-Check:
Shroud of Tureen.

Don't upset him.
He may go UPS on you.

Amana From Heaven
It may be from Heaven, but you still can't put metal in it.

Even at its worst, email can be a digital medium:
"Look, Larry, your emails are arriving
as greek characters, smiley faces, little houses,
and aces of spades. Did you recently get a new email
system? Send one email for yes, and two emails for no."

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