-- CleanUp Audio Processor --



The Professional Audio Filter was such a big hit last time (has it been five years?), I decided to re-issue and update a popular portion of it as a stand-alone filter. Behold: CleanUp®. CleanUp assumes one single speaker or presenter talking normally into a good microphone in challenging conditions. That restriction means far fewer sliders, knobs, dials and controls and less adjustment complexity. If you mishandled the microphone, broke something or did anything else unfortunate or silly, you may still need the full Professional Audio Filter package to "get out of jail."

It only works with one voice. No interviews. Sorry.

CleanUp is in response to all those situations where you did everything right, but still produced an impossibly noisy field voice recording and your first words back at the office were: "I sure wish I could clean this up and use it."

Most audio production programs have pretty stiff restrictions on their filter and effects tools. I guarantee their idea of "noise" and your idea are different. "Oops. Sorry. Barking dogs isn't 'noise'."

Even if you do get their effects suites to work, they usually produce machine strangled, bad cellphone, gutless or science fiction voices, not the clear stand-upper or commentary you thought you shot.

Yes, I know. The CSI television team regularly pulls presentable voices out of surveillance audio garbage just in time to identify the bad guys, toast their success in the locker room (while presenting the hook for next week's show), pack their bags and go home. Roll credits. If you want that kind of audio processing, you can call the show. Their offices are in Santa Monica.

But while we're waiting, give this a try. I prepared some sound samples to give you an idea of what advanced algorithms, powerful processing and complex filter technology can do.

The KNX track correction unexpectedly took some of the honk and echo out of my pickup truck voice. Don't get your hopes up. That was a lucky accident.

Production people sometimes call that a "gift." Watch the volume. Some of these clips run in overload.



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