Produce a Simple Audacity Forum Test Clip

Basic Instructions: Click Record. Freeze for 2 seconds, speak for 18 seconds. Click Stop. Export mono WAV (Microsoft), 16-bit. Post on the Audacity Forum.



— Set up your studio or recording location and system. I assume you already have them.

— Start recording.

Hold your breath and don't move for 2 seconds.

Speak/Announce normally for about 15 to 18 seconds.

— Stop.

— Cut off anything over 20 seconds total.

Split Stereo to Mono and delete one track if you naturally produce Stereo.

— File > Export Audio: WAV (Microsoft), 16-bit.

Scroll down from a forum text entry window: Attachments tab > Add files.The forum will not accept long postings. You can't post a book chapter.

You should post clean, unprocessed work. Don't adjust anything before Export. No filters, effects, adjustments, tuning or processing unless otherwise told.